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A collaborative approach to sustainability, bringing entrepreneurs,  capital and market access together to shape the future.

Together, we are building a sustainable future.

Our mission is to address the global challenges in Energy, Air, and Water by helping innovative and disruptive businesses with market access and capital.

We bridge the gap to commercialization for sustainable companies by leveraging international networks with real world operational partners and investors.

Our collaborative approach brings the cross perspectives of entrepreneurs, financial advisors, operators and investors together to shape the future.

What we do

Address global challenges in energy, air and water by helping innovative, disruptive businesses with market access, capital and project financing.

Address Global Challenges

How we do it

We help early stage to mid-market businesses develop and navigate growth strategies in and between North America and Europe by leveraging an existing family office infrastructure of 20+ businesses, local market expertise and our professional network.

We focus on sustainable solutions in energy & renewables, air, water, real estate operations & proptech.  We collaborate with a company’s leadership to secure capital investment and business opportunities.

Sustainable Companies

Why us

We have a unique combination of global business operations and management experience, technical domain expertise, and sustainable investing track records to propel growth.

sustainable solutions

Our Team



Managing Partner

Pete is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Global Sustainable Future (GSF).

Previously, Pete served as a Built Environment Co-Chair and Operating Advisor at Pegasus Capital Advisors, a $2+B private equity firm that provides growth capital to mid-market companies focused on energy, waste, food, water and health & wellness. Prior to joining Pegasus, Pete served as CBRE’s Global Managing Director, Energy & Sustainability leading a 250+ international team to drive energy efficiency and sustainable operating practices at Fortune 500 and multi-tenant buildings.

In 2000, Pete co-founded RETX, a pioneering demand response firm that was acquired by Schneider Electric. During this time, Pete helped develop smart grid and demand response opportunities.

Projects included the BOMA Chicago Smart Grid in 2009 and the International Energy Agency’s Task XIII: Demand Response Resource Program, a 13-nation project from 2003-2006.

Jean-Christian (“JC”) Jung

Jean-Christian Jung

Managing Partner

Jean-Christian (“JC”) Jung is a Managing Partner of Global Sustainable Future (GSF). He focuses on financing of clean technologies and large scale projects in Energy, Mobility, Water, Air and Carbon.

He also advises Cleantech startups and large corporations with their Net Zero Strategy.

He co-founded Tarform, an electric motorcycle start-up set to disrupt the two-wheeled transportation industry through advanced manufacturing and clean technology.

Prior to Tarform, JC led the growth of a number of companies in the technology and business consulting industries.

JC is an avid traveler and world citizen – he has lived in 7 countries and 4 continents.



Managing Partner

Aldric is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Global Sustainable Future (GSF).

In addition to his role with G.S.F, Aldric currently serves as Managing Partner of the Safer World Group and Verde Impact Advisors (V.I.A.) . Within the Safer World group member companies, Aldric actively supports the outstanding team of management professionals in achieving corporate growth objectives while overseeing M&A/Sales activities and technology & manufacturing transfers between North America and Europe.

Aldric established V.I.A. to centralize the environmental, social and governance activities of the group and family office, actively participating in key operating companies including Fesco Energy as well as strategic investments with a focus on clean energy, carbon reduction, air and water.

Previous to co-founding the Safer World Group, Aldric worked the IT and Financial industries including roles at TechTarget and Thomson Reuters.

Tim Drinkall

Tim Drinkall

Operating Advisor
Tim is an Operating Advisor at Global Sustainable Future (GSF). Tim is a knowledgeable and seasoned business professional, with over 25 years of experience in working with and investing in companies across a wide range of sectors including financial services, retail, telecommunications, consumer goods, and industrials.

Tim has held several senior positions throughout his career, including Portfolio Manager at Gustavia Capital, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, and Founder/CEO/CFO of Dauntless Management.

Tim received a B.A. in Finance from Indiana University and an M.B.A. in International Business from George Washington University. His interest is in helping to build businesses.
Chadwick Manning

Chadwick Manning

Operating Advisor

Chadwick Manning is a renewable entrepreneur technology entrepreneur, renewable energy project developer, and financier. He is one of the Co-founders and a Managing Partner of GSF Infrastructure, which invests in sustainability industry focused companies as an equity investor as well as the ESG projects their portfolio develops.

As a High School student, Chadwick built a liquid hydrogen rotary engine as a science project, which sparked his passion for renewable energy. Prior to GSF Infrastructure, Chadwick was a Co-founder of Electriq Power, a leading provider of BESS in the US, where he pioneered the development of intelligently controlled solar + storage systems to provide homeowners with low-cost energy and security paired with the ability to aggregate these systems to stabilize the grid. For his work there, Chadwick was recognized by Forbes as a "30 Under 30" Honoree as well as a Grist 50 Honoree.

Since leaving Electriq, Chadwick has been involved in starting and building many sustainable-focused technology companies and renewable development projects. He was a founding advisor to ChargeNet, which develops DC-fast charging EV stations with solar + storage at quick-serve restaurants. Chadwick is also a Partner at 639 LLC, which develops, owns, and operates solar-powered data centers that mine cryptocurrency using their patented technology energy management technology and design.

Chadwick was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and currently resides in Sunnyvale with his wife, Mayara, and his dog, Gabriella.

Global Sustainable Future Portfolio & Partners



Re-Nuble is a leading developer of innovative, plant-based and animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams. Our nutrient delivery system's ability to provide controllable organic nutrient compounds to crops in a recirculated system is what we do best. We apply organic cycling science to soilless farms so that they can operate more efficient, closed-loop food production environments, benefitting from many of the same aspects of growing organically in a soil environment.
Livestock Water Recycling


Livestock Water Recycling is the global leader in manure treatment technology with over 20 years of experience.

LWR works with farms around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and segregate nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and recycle clean, reusable water.

MontBlanc Technologies


Mont Blanc Technologies is a high-tech holding for multiple European technology, engineering and manufacturing companies in the advanced technology, aerospace and defense sectors.

SMAC - Groupe MontBlanc Technologies


SMAC designs and manufactures high performance damping & acoustic solutions for lighter and quieter aeronautical, space & industrial applications.

Nestor Technologies

Nestor Technologies

Nestor Technologies develops highly specialized optical character recognition systems and software packages for a wide array of applications including logistics, security, intermodal transportation and recycling.

Pond Technologies

Pond Technologies

Pond Technologies designs and operates scalable bioreactors that use society’s most abundant product – industrial greenhouse gases – and Ponds specialized growing systems to cultivate algae and other crops.

Ponds systems effectively close the carbon loop and create wealth from waste.

Safer World Group

Safer World Group

The Safer World Group member companies provide the technical and management expertise to address the energy, aerospace and defense needs of agencies and organizations.

EPCOTS - Groupe MontBlanc Technologies


EPCOTS specializes in the design and the manufacturing of rugged equipment and solutions adapted to harsh environments.



The JD organization is a consortium of real estate companies with extensive experience in all arenas of commercial and residential real estate: construction, development, management, sales, and leasing.



INOVUES' non-intrusive, energy-saving window retrofits provide the same benefits of window replacement at a fraction of the cost and without disrupting building operations or occupants



CoLift is comprised of a team of experienced private equity direct investors and a network of highly accomplished industry executives (“CoLifters”).

CoLift’s service is designed to provide an outsourced, end-to-end PE co-investment solution that helps LPs by better selecting co-investments and reducing the gross-to-net gap. This results in optimized PE allocations (funds vs. co-investments) and increased returns.

Fesco Energy

Fesco Energy

FESCO Energy is an innovative energy services company which delivers grid independent, resilient energy solutions to federal and commercial customers.

FESCO Energy simplifies the acquisition, contracting, deployment and management of energy solutions for government agencies and organizations with mission critical infrastructure.

Shock Tech - Safer World Group

Shock Tech

Shock Tech brings higher value and quality products to meet the most stringent industry standards.

Shock Tech designs, manufactures and tests shock attenuation and vibration isolation systems for the most demanding environments.

Verde Impact Advisors

Verde Impact Advisors

Verde Impact Advisors (V.I.A.) centralizes the environmental, social and governance activities of the Safer World Group and founding family office, with a focus on clean energy, carbon reduction, air and water.



ChargeNet built a software platform that integrates and optimizes EV Fast Chargers, solar and energy storage with point-of-sale systems at restaurants and retail locations.

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